Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home Alone for Christmas

He’s home for the holidays,
But you’re left behind for now;
God has some other chores for you
Until your day comes, somehow.

Life isn’t simple and easy,
You’re living for Jesus meanwhile;
He gives you love, wisdom, and strength,
And you’ll top it with a smile.

The world is full of trouble and strife;
Many people are bad to the bone!
It certainly looks dark all around,
But you do not go it alone.

Read God’s Word; enjoy His presence!
Declare it to the next generation;
Your journey won’t be too hard,
So press on with sweet elation.

You have a life to live, a voice to speak,
Tell others that Jesus can save;
He’s putting finishing touches on you,
So in these challenges, be brave.

May you be wrapped up in memories
That bring joy to your on-going days,
Confident in God’s power to bless,
As you trustingly give Him praise.

Remember to pray with confidence,
Be peaceful in all kinds of weather;
Soon, very soon you and your sweetheart
Will be in Heaven together.

By Elaine Hardt ©2010