Friday, April 09, 2010

Weakness to Strength

I fussed and stewed, “What can I do?”
I cried inside, “Lord, how much longer!”
When I was still I heard Him say,
“Troubles only come to make you stronger.”

Amidst my pain He then explained,
“Lessons in life show you more about Me;
You have the gift of free will,
Let Me lead you to true liberty.

“My love is given — a taste of Heaven,
I’ll walk with you, and hear your prayers,
Greater and stronger you’ll grow, when you
Set down your burdens and cares.

“The answers you seek are hidden
When you freely choose illusion;
Truth and wisdom come from Me,
So reject the worldly confusion.

“I call you to come, oh weary one,
I heal, restore, forgive, release;
You’ll find fulfillment and joy,
Today my blessing for you is peace!”

What relief comes by remembering,
“Troubles only come to make you stronger.”
Lord, thank You for Your dear presence,
Now I’ll fuss and complain no longer.

By Elaine Hardt ©2010