Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is This What You Lack?

          A man came to Jesus and asked, “What should I do to get eternal life?” He didn’t want to lack that one most important thing, life after death. Jesus told him that he lacked one thing. (Mark 10:17-30, Luke 18:18-30).
          As Jesus traveled around there were places where He could do only a few miracles. What did they lack? (Matthew 13:58, Mark 6:6).

          Perhaps you lack that very thing, that spiritual reality that will guarantee your eternal life in Heaven. These people lacked faith in Jesus, that He really was God’s Son, that He really would die for their sins.
          Paul, writing 1 Corinthians 1:7 assures his readers that they have every spiritual gift they need. It’s not that they paid for it, earned it, or deserved it. Eternal life begins now in this life as a person honestly prays to God and asks forgiveness.
          “Oh, I’ve done that as a child,” you might acknowledge. “Is faith just a childish thing?”
          Faith is not a wished-for, hoped-for expectation; it’s a certainty for the man or woman who lives by trust and obedience to God.
          “Oh, if you mean I have to do a lot of stuff, after asking Jesus to be my Savior, to be honest I’m not interested in all that religious ‘work.’”
          Following the Lord is not a matter of effort, strict work, good luck or good looks. God’s Holy Spirit enables and empowers us to do what pleases the Lord. It’s a genuine life, a challenging and an interesting life.
          How much faith does it take? Faith enough to believe Him. Faith enough to put Him first, ahead of fame, fortune, and our comfortable, stubborn unbelief.   + + +

by Elaine Hardt ©2007