Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sometimes and Always

Father, You are always faithful to Your Word;
In a life of questions and uncertainty
You are our only hope.

Always we can see Your magnificent creation;
Sometimes we marvel at Your mighty wisdom and power,
sometimes we settle for confusion.

Sometimes I think I can believe;
Sometimes I stumble and fall,
Sometimes life is just too much for my stubborn soul.

Yet, in the face of death,
Our hearts stand silent in awe and contemplation;
You alone know the way beyond.

Always there’s an appointment;
When the earthly body stays behind,
The spirit leaves and yet lives forever.

To face the vast unknown
We are humbled beyond our comprehension;
You alone are God, Your Word alone is true.

You’ve made a way, by grace,
To forgive and redeem a person such as I,
And I must speak to You before I die.

So I yield my pride and self-sufficiency
In this wondrous dawning of reality:
I believe You, I receive You.

You said trusting Jesus gives us life anew;
Oh, Father, take away my worrisome “sometimes”
And baptize Your eternal “always” on my soul.

By Elaine Hardt ©2003