Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Glad You Came to Visit

I rearranged some dust molecules in honor of your visit,
Then I emptied out waste baskets, lest you’d ask, “What izzit?”
I saw a tiny swirl of lint as I wiped a venetian blind,
So I contemplated, and God’s creation was on my mind.

No wonder cleaning house is an on-going chore,
The universe is full of dust molecules, a whole lot more;
So, hoping to keep everything in balance
I removed a spider’s web atop the window’s valance.

It’s been awhile since I heard the vacuum cleaner’s roar,
I do admire silence, but music accompanies this chore.
I stashed the dirty dishes, so they are out of sight,
My eyesight is suddenly sharper, and I ask, is that right?

I spied some breakfast crumbs there under the table;
I know I should keep cleaning house as long as I am able,
But for myself I mostly avoid this chore
Until someone says they’re coming to my door.

In His wisdom God made ingredients large and small,
And it was perfect until Adam and Eve took that sinful fall.
Oh, well. I needed some exercise, and this will do,
So sit a spell, and visit me; I ‘m happy to see you.

Later on, after you leave and I am by myself,
I’ll sit and watch dust accumulate on each and every shelf.
I’m thankful for your friendship, there’s always lots to say;
Do phone before you come again, on some other day.

By Elaine Hardt ©2009