Sunday, February 14, 2010

Missing You

Of course, we’ll be missing you.
Another holiday season, another celebration
And we are so far away.

We’ve missed the small talk, the touches of humor,
We’ve missed playing games to see who wins.
We’ve missed outings in the car, and walks around the land.

While we were here, you were there,
Growing up, developing new ideas and interests,
Making discoveries, large and small.

I could show you something handy,
You could teach me something new,
Both of us adding to each other’s experiences.

We missed the meals together,
Your cooking has no doubt improved,
Ours has been under-used, thus less appreciated.

You have friends we’ve never met,
Many of ours have moved away.
We don’t see much of our neighbors anymore.

We talk, once in awhile, but it’s mostly “important” things,
What perhaps is behind the conversation
Is rarely recognized or explored.

It’s too easy to be superficial,
But it does ward off the tears;
The family I wish we could have been, I am missing.

See if you can impress upon your children
The richness of getting together
And just sitting and talking, sharing suggestions.

“Make a memory,” I once called it.
And those old folks knew what they were saying.
“Time flies,” and “before you know it,” and “glad you stopped by.”

Thank God for prayer, at least that way we were almost there.
His love has blessed our family,
And He is always near.

By Elaine Hardt ©2006