Monday, February 22, 2010

Greater Certainty

Alone, outside on a clear, starry night,
Ask: Is there a God who made all of this?
Considering, can it really be true?
Does He know and care what I do?

Then taking another careful look
At that one unique certain Book
Ask: is it true, can I believe?
Can I gratefully God’s love receive?

What a challenge, to be living!
What answers will I be giving?
God gives us the freedom to choose
Shall I deny Jesus, His love refuse?

Such answers are mine alone to give,
And I’ll decide how I want to live;
With greater certainty than before,
My heart becomes His open door.

Challenges come as I walk Life’s Trail;
I may grow old, I may get frail,
But I’m trusting the One who loves me,
Looking forward to Eternity.

by Elaine Hardt ©2010