Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Cowboy, Alone

Alone in the valley a cowboy whispers in despair,
“Pa, will you come and get me? I don’t think I can make it all the way home by myself.”
He didn’t complain, but the harsh conditions had nearly broken his spirit
and his trusty steed had fallen days ago.
The cowboy had no idea how close he was to being Home.

High up on the mountain a candle shone in the window
of the Home where he was headed.
And Father watched him with love in His eyes.

The cowboy didn’t realize how many others were watching him,
some silently at a distance, a few nearby.
Some were good and caring people who pondered at what they saw,
some were enemies of his soul.

Every step he took did matter.
He wasn’t earning it, no one ever can, (a remarkable Plan);
he was headed Home by faith in Jesus
and determined gratitude.

Once he was there he’d never get lost again, never be scratched by the brambles,
or heated by a scorching sun. He’d never get thirsty or hungry.
Never again would he have to explain, or give excuses, or struggle to remember,
or try to forget.
He’d be surrounded by wonderful, caring people.
Many he never knew, but all of them loved his Pa.

One grand day, the best day of his whole life, he is lifted gently
and carried to that Grand and Glorious Home.
He finally understands that his One Best Friend had always been with him,
down in that valley, but unseen.
Now he meets Jesus, face to face. Tears of joy flow freely.
“Oh, thank You, Lord, for saving my soul.”
And Home was Home, forever!

by Elaine Hardt ©2003