Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life's Mystery and Joy

The older we get, educated and sophisticated,
the greater the mystery that each adult faces.
How can there be a God who is so great?
How can all those planets and stars be up there?
How can the intricacies of plants, animals, even rocks
have gotten to be here, after all?

Honestly, it looks like quite a mystery.
Each of us can make a risky decision
to ignore the whole, huge issue,
But you can’t argue with the fact
that life is; we can see it.
and death is; we can’t deny it.

Each of us can make a mind-boggling decision
A grown-up decision
to believe in God, a powerful Creator.
If so, how does that impact our life?
Do we then surrender our brains to become
a little robot of faith and blind belief?

Amazingly, the great mystery of life
is free will. A totally free, immense choice.
God allows us to decide.
Shall we respond to His love?
Shall we receive His love?
Is now the time?

Life’s great joy awaits each one who seeks it;
Total love and total forgiveness from God,
because of Jesus who died and arose.
Only the Bible tells this to mankind.
Life’s mystery calls for contemplation.
Life’s joy calls for celebration!

By Elaine Hardt ©2010