Friday, January 22, 2010

From Dream — to Disasters — to Deliverance

A young boy relates his dream,
A strange prediction of unbelievable success,
But he was a cheerful hard-worker;
Why then such hatred from his brothers?

Seized and sold into slavery,
His enemies were those brothers
Who easily lied to now-grieving father;
What kind of answer to prayer is that?

Still he shoulders the next burden,
Physical and emotional strength enough,
But purity lands him in prison;
Why such hatred from that woman?

Spiritual strength bringing determination
As attitude plus hard work gains attention;
Future freedom and success obliterated,
Or its revelation merely postponed?

Thousands of reasons for despair,
Yet he waits without anger or depression;
God gave the dream, why wonder if
The Creator of Everything will forget him?

The day dawns, he’s elevated to leadership,
A position of great honor, with challenge;
For this he was destined by God,
Can you imagine the celebration?

Time to laugh, relax, rub it in?
No, there’s work to do in this foreign land,
And lives will be saved for years to come.
Trusting God for His timing, His wisdom.

Then those brothers come, seeking food,
Bowing to their unrecognized brother.
What will he say and do?
God gives wisdom for each situation.

Is now the time for retribution?
Or a stern lecture about his mistreatment?
No, just a powerful truth spoken honestly,
“You meant it for evil, God meant it for good.”

Mercy and forgiveness, tears of relief,
Who could have imagined such a thing?
From dream to deliverance, a long time!
Disasters could not deter his faith.

What more will be expected of him?
Amazingly he stands tall with grace;
Consider the miracle of a man
Expecting God’s miracles in God’s time.

Can Joseph’s example strengthen us?
Determination, discipline, good work done well,
Responsibility accepted as a sacred duty;
Confidently obedient to God’s leading.

The future unknown except for a dream,
Yet our hearts humbly submitted to God;
Is this our response, yours and mine,
When our questions are unanswered today?

By Elaine Hardt ©2010
(Genesis 30:22-25, Genesis 37 - 50)

What of his life impresses you most?
What of your own life reveals your need?
What is your plan for growing stronger?
What is God’s promise for the future?
What is He showing you to do today?