Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Completely Wonderful Blessing

Heavenly Father, I come with a quiet heart,

ready to receive a completely wonderful blessing today.

In honesty I acknowledge my sin and weakness,
In gratitude I receive Your forgiveness,
In gladness I speak Your blessing over myself.

LOVE: I bless myself with a growing, glowing realization
of what love is and Who loves me.  It is You,
Almighty Father, Creator of All, Savior, Lord!

JOY: I bless myself with joy that does not depend
upon circumstances that surround me — the past, present, future.
Joy that fully trusts God fills my needy heart.

PEACE: I bless myself with an abundance of peace,
an appreciation of the awesome presence of God.  You are here,
telling me that trouble is a temporary test.

PATIENCE: I bless myself with patience that says, "Yes," to God.
I am released from relying on my own ideas.  I calmly accept uncertainties
because Your wisdom teaches, reminds, and empowers me.

KINDNESS: I bless myself with contentment,
as I learn to listen to Your kindness and mercy.
I reflect Your kindness as I bravely reach out to others.

GOODNESS: I bless myself with the satisfying fulfillment
of Your goodness, nourishing my hungry soul.
Your plan for my life is very good.

FAITHFULNESS:  I bless myself with confidence that embraces me.
You are faithful in Your Word, Your promises, Your love.
Your faithfulness enables me to stand strong in the storms.

GENTLENESS:  I bless myself with Your gentleness
that is healing me, body and soul.  Thank You for
giving me quiet times for restoration.

SELF-CONTROL:  I bless myself with awareness of self-control,
the perfection of the touch of Your hand upon my heart.
Fear, stress, anger, confusion cannot stay in Your presence.

Lord, Your grace produces wonderful results, fruits of the Spirit.
By faith I declare myself completely blessed for today!

by Elaine Hardt ©2008
(Considering Galatians 5:22, 23; Philippians 4:8; Matthew 28:20)