Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Does God Love Africa?

A faraway place we do not see, a place where most do not go;
how can we know enough to care,
unless someone tells us so?

Not a paragraph or map or what a news article may show,
but a travel account, day by day,
written by someone we know.

Not viewed by jaded, professional eyes,
but by one who walked their streets,
who saw how someone lives and dies.

Joy personally shares her emotions and her youthful view,
she goes there and volunteers to help;
she brings Africa to you.

Now we all can pray with more direction, more power,
asking God's blessing for these people,
aware of their difficult hour.

Not only help for the body, but freedom for the soul,
African people need to know Jesus,
He alone can make them whole.

God loves Africa!  A reminder you and I need.
Pray for Joy and HardtHaven
to be blessed where God leads.

by "Grandma" Elaine Hardt ©2006
(See Joy's website: