Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thinking Aloud, Struggling for a Conclusion

"I can't believe in God," the man said. "The billions of galaxies are too big, too complex, too powerful. Why, if there were a God, he would have to be Almighty beyond anything we have discovered and examined on our planet, in our universe. It strains the imagination!

"He would be big, intelligent, powerful. He would take unimaginable interest in us, the only beings of our type; we the highest of the created beings who are capable of even thinking that there is a One God, Almighty." The man's conclusion was to walk away.

Later alone, thinking aloud I owned up to my struggle. It took awhile, but leads me to an inescapable God-directed conclusion. He is — He is! Of course, He is holy; we'd call it perfect, and to be honest, we are completely imperfect. We need His way, His provision, to be forgiven. To send His son would demonstrate perfect love.

My conclusion is so evidently necessary; I cry out to Him above the sky. I open the only Book of its kind, invite Him to work a miracle in my heart. Oh, God of creation, God of miracles, accept me, forgive me, help me. Now I call you my Heavenly Father.

by Elaine Hardt ©2008