Monday, May 26, 2008

Why the Delay? I'm in a Hurry!

To be used of God, to be a blessing,

or, to get through today's struggle and pain,
to find His peace and to find faith's release,
to survive the wind, the earthquake, the rain.

Why does it take so long? 

God, you see I am in a hurry,
so why does it take so long?
I need to see Your touch on me,
I'm ready to sing victory's song.

Then God showed me in His Word
how his choice servants waited to see;
not turning aside to man-made pride,
but walking it out, trustingly.

Abraham and Sarah long waiting for a son,
Elisha following until Elijah's work was done,
Moses spent 40 years in a desert place,
Joseph was a prisoner in a land of foreign race.

Before he became king David had been anointed for years,
Ruth walked in obedience with hard work and tears,
Esther waited and waited before the Jews could win,
It seemed like a long time for Daniel in the lions' den.

Noah, 120 years of ridicule,
Saul in Damascus, learning in God's school;
Jesus, 30 years, growing from child to man,
these, our examples, showing us we can.

God wants us to learn to trust and obey,
the road ahead is often concealed;
without knowing, we are to keep on going,
to the deeper things in His Word revealed.

Be teachable; do not grow weary,
God has designed for you this very test;
You ask the reason for this growing season?
His time, His way is always best.

by Elaine Hardt © 1999