Sunday, May 18, 2008

19 Things You Probably Know About Fathers

Fathers have some good points.
1. They go out and work and pay for your childhood.
2. They eat what's left over from supper so it doesn't go to waste.
3. They know about the "olden days."

We kids know their secrets.  
1. Fathers are strong and tough, but don't make a big deal out of having feelings.
2. They're avoiding doctors and dentists because, well, just because.
3. They like us more than they let on.

We also know their shortcomings.
1. Fathers aren't Superman, even though we kids wished they were.
2. They don't pay much attention to us, but they know too much about us, anyway.
3. By evening they tend to tire out prematurely, after having worked all day, fixed things around the house and yard, tended to the needs of the car and truck, and lectured us kids.

Most fathers know the truth.
1. They know there are better fathers out there in the world.
2. They know they could do better, after hearing the Sunday sermon.
3. They know they won't be around long enough to do it all.

We kids could have done better, too.
1. Their stories of growing up were more important than we thought.
2. They would have liked to hear us say, "I love you, dad," a lot more often.
3. They needed prayer more than we realized.

Fathers are only human.
1. Fathers have a mind of their own and a life of their own.
2. Old men were once young men, vigorous and determined to succeed.
3. Sometimes fathers lose their strength or memory or money.  This embarrasses him.
4. Too soon fathers aren't in your life, anymore.

God is the best Father of all.
God is better than anyone's father.  He isn't wishy-washy or moody or worn-out.  He has all the strength and wisdom and power.  He doesn't talk just to hear Himself talk.  He really pays attention to you all the time.

God is an equal-opportunity Father.
He loves us all.  He's given us all a life here on earth.  Stress and struggles come to all.  We will all die.  Heaven will be the destination of all who do it His way.  Jesus is God's Way.

Life goes on.  Find time to do the really important things.
Love your father.  Love your Father.

by Elaine Hardt ©2001