Thursday, March 09, 2017

Write It !

        Which is it? Write it down! Write it up! Maybe it depends on what and why you are writing. But, take a look right now; consider how helpful it is for YOU when you write something.
        Writing helps you organize your thoughts. Maybe it’s just on a piece of paper, writing with an old-timey pencil. Maybe writing with a pen. The idea pops into your head — and you are smart to write it. Later, you can review it and add to it.
        And here’s a biggie: this first writing, called the “first draft,” is only for your eyes. Spelling doesn’t count. As long as you can read it yourself then it’s OK for now. Later, you can go back and check the spelling on your computer and fix it so someone else could read it.
        When an idea comes maybe you’re at the computer, or your tablet, or your smartphone. Write it as soon as you can. Then, remember what title you gave it and where you filed it!
        Here’s some of the useful things for you to write for your own benefit.
  • directions to that location
  • instructions on “how to do” something
  • a compliment you want to say to someone — today? later?
  • a problem you noticed and what to say about it to someone
  • a list of things to get at the grocery store
  • an event you want to put on your calendar
  • a bright idea you want to pursue later, when you have some free time
  • a question that bugs you to find an answer, when you have time
here’s an idea to add to your own “think about this” list:
        Someone’s birthday is coming, a family member or good friend. Start ahead of time and jot down some nice, friendly things to say. You might even write about something they did last year that is worth mentioning to them again. It could be an accomplishment of theirs or even something cheery and humorous.
        If there’s been a death in the family your carefully worded remembrance could be a real blessing to someone when you print it out and give to them.
        Now, let’s take a serious look that is very, very important. This is something that would benefit you to write, and can also benefit your family.
What is your view of life? Your belief about God and your decisions that shaped your actions for these past years? Looking back on your childhood, your teen years, your education, and your relationships with others, etc. can all become a blessing, an encouragement to YOU — now as you write — and later, when you can pass along this thoughtful writing to others.
        What are your plans, your hopes and dreams for your personal future? Writing them down gives your brain an assignment which you can check back on from time to time. How are you doing? Any changes you want to make? Go all the way from today to your dying day, whenever that turns out to be. How to handle the challenges? Do you believe in God our eternal Creator, in prayer, in Bible reading, in Heaven? Jot it down. Give it more thought. Consider what might happen. What do you want to know now, what do you want to do to prepare — for yourself, for your family?
        So many valuable lessons can be learned and can be helpful to you right now as you take up this challenge — write it! + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017