Thursday, March 09, 2017

Got Something that Someone Wrote & Sent to YOU?

        Looking back on recent days and years of your life, has someone sent you something they wrote to YOU that was interesting or helpful or valuable in some ways?
        Maybe what they wrote was even humorous, as it reminded you of something that happened “way back then.”  Maybe it triggered some other memories they didn’t even know about, but now brings a smile to your face.
        Where are you going to keep this small treasure?  Maybe a notebook or file folder?
        And let this unexpected gift from someone set an excellent example to YOU.  This is something you can do for someone else.  And your own recollection can be a useful part of this lesson of life.  And . . .

        Writing things down can be a very good assignment now. 
        Of course, you’re busy now.  It would be so logical to postpone writing anything down about your own life, or someone else’s life.  But just imagine how that little piece of writing might be useful.
       Your challenge right now is simple.  Jot down some key words on a piece of paper or on your “device.”  Don’t let the big thought escape!
        And promise yourself that you’ll get back to writing it in the next 7 days.   + + +

by Elaine Hardt ©2017