Thursday, March 09, 2017

Where Will You Put That Writing?

       Personally, I don’t “save” any writing that I do on the computer to the “cloud.”  It’s written, rewritten, revised, improved as a few more days go by.  Ordinary stuff gets saved on my own computer and its Time Machine backup. Then it gets printed out and saved on paper in a file that I can find. 
         A writing for someone looks nice on some “pretty paper,”  maybe just colored paper or maybe fancy stationery.  It gets mailed to that person so they have something to hold in their hands and read as often as they want to.  They can file it where they want to.  It’s become a “permanent” gift.
        And . . .

         Doing a writing just for myself gets printed out and put in a nice leather-looking notebook.  It’s dated, of course, and sometimes later it gets some handwritten notes added along the edges or on a following page. 
         The writing of my own remembrances does not need to fill up my computer or tablet’s memory.  If I want to later revise the piece I’ll just rewrite it and print the new piece. 
         So, you’ve written and printed out some stuff and have filed it away.  Good for you!  What you’ve done now sets a good example for you for next month, next year…….etc.
         You now see how helpful it is to write your ideas.  Don’t just dream about doing it “some day.”  Get started and your wonderful brain will start to work in a definitely positive way.  You will write, then fix the spelling, then add something here and something else there, and then maybe delete something over there.  Your writing gets better and better!           + + +

by Elaine Hardt ©2017