Saturday, July 02, 2016

My Friend Is Gone

She died.  She’s gone. My friend is dead.
My thoughts came tumbling out of my head

“I didn’t tell her . . . “
“I didn’t ask her . . . “
“Did she know . . . “
“Was she ready to go?”

I didn’t expect it, but my friend is dead,
What could I — should I — have said?

Thinking about her, thinking about me
I open the Bible today to see.

Oh, LORD I need to be obeying You;
Tell me every day what to say and do.

For all of us life will one day end,
Now is the time to receive Jesus as friend.

Confess your sins honestly,
When you die you want in Heaven to be! 

I hope my friend is certainly There;
I’m learning now my faith to share.  

                                             By Elaine Hardt ©2016