Tuesday, March 01, 2016

What? A One Minute Prayer . . . Again?

A silly bedtime rhyme came to mind yesterday, “Good night, sleep tight; don’t let the bedbugs bite!”    Along with that childhood prayer,  “Now I lay me down to sleep,” it was a ritual for us little kids.
Lately there’s been a TV commercial about getting a new mattress because an older one might be infected with bedbugs, so no doubt that brought the rhyme to mind yesterday.
And today the big thought of how adults treat prayer as repeating memorized words, reciting them quickly without pause or consideration:  what did I just say to God?  Does the old prayer still mean something?  Am I just being careless, thinking that I did what I was supposed to do?  Do those words make me a believer, a Christian, a good guy?
Memorized prayers recited at home or at church can become useless when our minds are not paying attention.  Why do the leaders say those holy words to quickly?
While we might not be able to bring this problem to the attention of someone in charge, at least we can remedy it at home.  Are you going to pray the “Lord’s Prayer”? Speak slowly, pause between phrases and think about what you’re saying to God.  You are talking to your Maker, and He is listening.  Of course, He sees your attitude.
Now, what is it that you want to say to God?  Here is the “Lord’s Prayer” from the words of the Bible in Matthew 6:9-13 
Here are eleven foreign language translations  that also gives details of the phrases, the context, analysis line-by-line, and prayers for important occasions through the year.   
Ask yourself now, is it a “magic formula” ?  Does it keep us close to the LORD? Then take a few minutes to look up the two websites listed here.  
Afterwards ask yourself, what?  What do I want to tell my Creator?  Would this be a good time to confess my weakness, my shortcomings, my sins?  Would it be helpful to put into my own words something to express my faith, my admiration, my thankfulness?
So, is one minute enough today?

By Elaine Hardt ©2016