Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Is Here!

Two words you may not like — it means work!
But these same two words you will like — it means progress!
        Spring cleaning — maybe you remember this as you were growing up. For grandma, it was a big deal, a big chore, but you pitched in, did your part, learned how to do a better job of it, and finally celebrated with a glass of sweet tea, or was it that bright-colored artificial fruit drink.

 So, Spring Cleaning . . . 
   Are you up to it ?  
   Do you remember how to do it ?
   You’ll celebrate when you’re through it. 

 So, how long will it take ?
   Involve the family ?
   Got a little time that’s free ? 
   When you finish won’t you’ll be happy ?

 So, start with a biggie ?
   Maybe dust some stuff ?
   For today, is that enough ?
   Postpone what’s too rough ?

 So, when it’s done, what then ?
   Any cobwebs in your brain?
   Stuff, you don’t want it to remain? 
   Make a list to see what’s a pain ?

So, what needs to be considered ?
Talk to your Heavenly Father, OK ?
Read His Word; what did He say ?
Clean out the crud, starting today ? 

So, soon you can celebrate?
What unfinished business did you find ?
What a load gets off your mind ?
God’s forgiveness is available, need I remind ?

Now, three words are the next biggie:  Trust and Obey.  With an attitude of “Show me, forgive me, teach me, remind me, help me” the LORD will fill your heart with love.  You can smile.  
Yes, there’s more to learn, more to do, but you’ve made progress.  Growing up is what we all do, day by day, for the next 100 years  — or so — of living here.  You have so much to appreciate when you accomplish what you really need to do. 

By Elaine Hardt ©2016