Saturday, March 19, 2016

Those Aggravating Politicians !

The latest political ad just came up on TV, or Facebook, or Twitter, etc.  Maybe to irritate you some friend emailed you a link to it.  
What to do?  Quick Pray for that politician.   They’re labeled for prayer. 
Now, you’re doing something positive, something necessary, something that will also help you.  You pray for that person who obviously needs the LORD.  They’re saying something that’s a bad exaggeration, or a bold lie.  Pray for him or her or them to repent of their sin.  Pray for a change in their attitude and their outlook.  Pray that they don’t get elected and affect thousands of people for the worse.  Pray that they turn to God very soon. 
You are helping yourself develop an astute and devoted attitude.  People who talk like that, or wear a T-shirt with filthy language or pictures, or do suggestive actions to show off their boldness to get attention — they need help.  You care about their eternal soul,  as well as their influence on the younger generation, and people of your age, and even the old folks who are becoming careless in their decision-making abilities.
See ‘em, pray for ‘em.  The sooner you do it, then you’re less likely to forget.  The sooner you do it, the more of a burden you relinquish.  Don’t let the devil use such bad stuff to get your attention.  You have more important things to do with the life the LORD has given you.      + + + 
By Elaine Hardt ©2016