Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Miracle for David

What a relief to hear the good news. It was time for cheers and tears. Linda phoned to tell us about David’s miracle so we could all celebrate.
The habit of smoking had gradually become a problem, but there were other things that kept his attention. He was a hard worker at his job at Lake Tahoe, had a wife and two sons and a set of twin daughters.  But that sneaky nicotine did its worst.  He smoked for 30 years. 
Finally, his lungs had too much of a struggle and David was admitted to the hospital where the doctors' opinion was he was in “end stage respiratory failure.”  They offered to keep him comfortable or they could try using drastic measures and medication to try to reverse their diagnosis.  
Doctors suggested and prescribed and did their best, but of course, the battle was up to David.  Their pronouncement was a horrible shock.  His condition would be fatal, and there wasn’t much time left. 

      Quickly the word went out via phone and email. Family and friends joined in to pray. We didn’t know the details, but it was life-threatening and that meant that only the LORD could save his life.
One day during his stay in the hospital two ministers from his local church visited him and spent the next two hours praying, reading the Bible aloud, and encouraging David that God was with him and heard his prayers.  David rededicated his life. 
Only 48 years old, David was too young to die.  He’d already suffered with the death of his wife only five years ago, his children bore up with the shock of the results of her drinking problem.  His health had deteriorated, but he wasn’t going to quit now. 
How hard would it be to quit?  Like the song, “One Day at a Time, Dear Jesus” David focused on doing that one day without cigarettes.  He knew people were watching; and he was reminded that he was being prayed for.  
Of course, he didn’t want his health to be a worry to his sons and daughters, so he tried to set a good example. Their love was on his mind. 
What a difference one year makes!  On Sunday David celebrates one year of abstinence from smoking.  Wish we were there to give him a hug or a pat on the back.  But, of course, the One we want to thank is God. He makes all things possible, so there will be prayers from all of us, as we are relieved to hear about and see such a miracle.  
David smiles a lot more, now.  
And his kids have something great to tell their friends.  Hopefully, the message of “don’t start smoking” and “God will help you do what you thought was impossible” will be shared in person, by text message, or even on Facebook. 
January 4 is probably not marked as a special occasion on your calendar or mine, but there’s a family in Lake Tahoe . . . and a Bible-believing church nearby . . . and relatives scattered around the western states . . . and friends that will celebrate the miracle for David.  + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2015