Friday, January 30, 2015

WHAT Can You Say? HOW Do You Pray?

You’re thankful for Who God is and what He’s done ! 
You’re relieved about some problem’s outcome.
You appreciate your blessings, and then you name some. 

Confess to God what you thought, or said, or did that is wrong,
Be grateful for His forgiveness; ask Him to make you strong. 
Pray when you’re driving, or jogging, or just sitting still.
Pray when you’re feeling OK, or when you’re feeling ill.

Pray for the challenges you face and the opportunities.
How do you properly pray?  Stand, or bow, or kneel on your knees. 
Raise your hands or fold them together.  You can pray aloud or silently.
Ask the LORD to give you wisdom, protection, help, and ability.

Bless everyone who comes to mind because you’re a person who cares.
Intercede for those who misbehave; they’re labeled for prayer ! 
Yes, pray honestly to God — pray now and later, here or anywhere. 

by Elaine Hardt ©2015