Sunday, March 24, 2013

Consider Your Own Memories

Spring brings some holidays — and holidays bring memories.  
To get you into the mood, the stores have been selling toys, cards, and decor weeks ahead, so you’ll part with some money, but smile as you shop.

Families celebrate spring holidays in different ways.  How far back can you recall the fun, as well as moments of solemnity of such days as Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Passover.  How did celebrations change as the children grew up?

Have you taken time to jot down some of your treasured memories from springtime in your household? You will enjoy doing it, and others will enjoy reading it.  Just one hour will give you a grand start to such a good project. 

Here’s a collection of writing, starting with what I typed out on that old typewriter, later that snazzy electric typewriter with correction fluid handy.  Illustrated with hand-drawn flowers at first, gradually the poem was typed out on purchased pretty paper.  Stamps used to be 3 cents for first class, remember?

Now, leap forward to the new computer, email, apps with colorful backgrounds, photos, even animation, music, and YouTube videos!  Well, going back to words . . . hopefully the words that are shared on this blog will give food for thought.  

You’ll read with curiosity, then use skills of logic to see if I’ve written with logic, too.  You’ll examine the facts and reasoning that’s been used.  You’ll compare and critique.  Is this or that piece too long, too short, too chopped up?  How would the poem stand up in some contest? 

Then, afterwards, your busy mind now quieted down, you’ll take a few moments to ponder the veracity that my words challenge you to consider.

Perhaps you’ll reach for your pencil or computer and write some spring holiday words of your own . . . 

by Elaine Hardt ©2013