Sunday, March 10, 2013

THE ADVENTURE of LIFE : Advantages, Adjustments, Advances, Adversities, Advisories

Life is an adventure — like baking a yummy cake,  like an exercise program, like a          pair of glasses, the bank statement, the dishwasher, a hammer, and more. 
        Here’s some considerations for YOU, the thoughtful reader: 

Life gives you a choice of adjustments
Some are advisories, some bring advantages, some will be advances  
However, making wrong choices can bring adversities.

Life is like baking a yummy cake —
When you follow good directions you can get good result.

Life is like an exercise program at the gym —
When you put determination and effort into it, you can get good results.

Life is like a pair of glasses —
When you take the test then you choose what is needed to see better.

Life is like the bank statement —
When you look over what’s happened recently it can help you decide what to do next.

Life is like the dishwasher —
When you load it up, soap it up, turn on the hot water, then things can get done.

Life is like a hammer —
Used the wrong way for wrong purposes something can get severely whacked.  

Life is like a hammer —
Used after seeing someone else do well you can learn to use it well, too. 

Life is like a lottery ticket —
When you make a small sacrifice to get it you are hoping for good results.

Life is like the Sunday sermon —
When you listen to others who have a godly goal you may be inspired to do well.  

Life here and now leads to life Then and There —
Your good response to the challenge of faith in God leads to eternal happiness,
Or to severe regret when you stand at the Judgment Seat after you die.

Life’s adventure has a serious purpose, an amazing outcome.
Thinking about it now means the choice is still open to you.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2013