Monday, December 24, 2012

You Will Remember THIS December

You will remember THIS December
If you’ve found that holiday peace
That comes from a personal quiet time:
A new satisfaction will increase.

You’ll give yourself the bold honesty:
Ask God about your uncertainties;
Yes, speak directly to the LORD,
Tell Him your perplexities.

You’ll gift yourself with thoughtfulness
When you treasure a time of prayer;
This can meet your greatest need,
And of course, you certainly do care!

Why now?  

                       (Obviously, a busy time)
Because He is the only Creator who
Has declared in the Bible what He has 
Done to give His love to you.

Open that mostly-neglected book:
What Jesus did, what He said, you need to see.
What makes the difference?  It’s love!
The LORD is not an imaginary deity.

It’s forgiveness, tied up with a red ribbon,
Vital for your future after you die;
It’s a new dimension starting today
When you question yourself, “Why?”

This December brings celebration,
You don’t want to miss the important part;
Christmas peace can start right now!
Welcome God’s presence in your heart. 

By Elaine Hardt ©2012