Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Little Bird Alone in Winter

Pretty little bird, sparrow hawk bird,
     Go ahead and sing your song,
       Although you seem to be all alone
          In a stark white-frozen world.
Without anticipation or worry or fear
     You do what God created you for,
        Reminding us of the beauty
           And resiliency of life:
              His magnificent creation.
                     Sometimes I, too, feel alone
                            Surrounded by icy delusion,
                               The world stiff and numb with pride, 
                                   Hearts solidified in serious confusion.  

I wonder if anyone hears
    My small voice of faith and hope;
        The song God gives to any
            Who call to Him for purpose and peace,
                to celebrate His love. 
So, pretty little bird, still sing on;
     No one is here to hear you,
         Sometimes no one hears me either, it seems, 
              But God has called me to sing His praise.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2007 
photo by Carlene Hardt ©2012
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