Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Hardware Store and YOU

Ah, the candy store for grownups . . . the hardware store.  What a huge assortment of useful stuff.  “They’ve got everything from those metallic twisty-pointy-things to those adorable sets of dessert plates!” exclaimed Patty.  
You knew that was a woman speaking?  
For a man, his education is not complete until he knows the names of each of the tools, accessories, the parts and pieces, stuff in bottles, jars, and cans that make a home, or a farm, or a building.  From start to finish, from maintenance to improvements, the hardware store offers more than what you need; they offer what you didn’t realize that you’d like to have.  
        Walk in on Saturday and smell the free popcorn at the door.  
         A few steps farther in and the first greeter smiles at you.  From there it’s one “associate” after another, waiting to assist.  We used to call them “clerks.” 
      Out back is the lumber yard with its unique smells and wood from a variety of trees.  Oh, there’ll be bricks and rocks and windows and doors.  There might be an owl nesting up on the top rafter, a couple of birds swooping around and singing. 
      Any building tradesman or retiree loves to walk the aisles. Their brain is stimulated with displays of the latest. 
      Of course, there are some wives sent there on simple errands to pick up this or that.  Some women even know what all of those items are, and can manipulate hammer, paint brush, saw, and drill.
     So like life.  Some people do seem to be more talented in using their heads and hands to create or fix.  The rest of us might be reminded to verbalize our appreciation.  
     Different personalities do things in different ways. We each talk different, act different, learn different. Develop your abilities.
     Be thankful for people who can build and fix.  Be thankful for people who keep track of the orders on the computer, those who stock the shelves, even for those at the scanner who smile as they announce the total of your purchases so you can pay with your credit card, gaining points for your monthly bonus.  
     If you were in charge of the hardware store what changes would YOU make?  Well, you are in charge of your own life, so what changes do you see now that should be, could be made?  
     What kind of an example are you showing to those you meet informally, and those you are around more frequently? Do they view your priorities being worked on? Do they hear your thoughtful questions in appropriate language?
       If you were the head of the hardware store would you be expanding and improving?  Would you be on top of the latest news, so you could plan accordingly?
       What kind of a future are you headed for?  Does this demonstrate a thoughtful, educated persistence?
       When you see me at Ace Hardware, or Home Depot, or True Value, I came with my husband, the talented builder-maker-fixer-upper. And, together we both are concerned and committed as believers and followers of Jesus.
        We’d like to suggest a challenge for YOU: read these four chapters of the Bible: Matthew 3, Mark 3, Luke 3, John 3, and Acts 3. And see if this gives evidence about Jesus to consider.
        Life is worth thinking about. It’s not enough to follow tradition, or emulate a successful person you’ve met, or just give up and party on; it’s time to consult with your Maker who knows right now just how many more days you have to live. If you knew how much He loves you it would make a world of difference right now. Your response to believe, trust, obey Him would make Him the Boss and you will be the one who thinks, learns, and does what is best for now and for Then.   
          Size it up like you do the handy hardware store.  Decide what’s best

by Elaine Hardt ©2012