Thursday, November 08, 2012

My Prayer Was Not Answered

LORD, You didn’t answer my prayer;
My earnest request You did not heed,
Still, I cannot doubt that You care,
Yet, You did not give the help I need.

I tried to speak each honest word
With logic and intensity;
People question if You even heard,
Now I ask, am I praying carelessly?

Some will quote a Scripture verse
That You do hear and answer prayer,
Others viewing situations growing worse
Reject the truth that You are There. 

But, in the Bible people come to mind:
Abraham, Joseph, Samson, to mention a few;
Circumstances got much worse, I find,
They held on, learned to trust completely in You.  

I read that Jesus told us to pray,
He suffered, but it was Your will.
His obedience was seen every day,
He died, raised from the dead, is living still.

Your plan is not the same as mine;
The bigger picture I cannot see,
But I will rest in Your Promise divine,
And wait expectantly,
                         and thankfully.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2012