Monday, November 12, 2012

A Birthday Letter to God

DEAR GOD,  I want to thank You that I was born to my mama.  I didn’t know anything at the time, except that I had been disturbed.  I didn’t know Your whole world was waiting for me.

It’s been little by little for me to see and experience and find out about this place where mama and daddy had been living for more than 20 years before I came.  They told me a little about You for my curiosity. 

Now, I want to thank You for letting me live on Your earth for this long.  There has been a lot for me to learn, and even before I appreciated You being our Creator, You have been taking care of me.

I found out that some things I did were not good for me, not nice to do to my later siblings,  and not kind to do to my hard-working parents. You are the most patient One I have ever heard about.  Later, I found out that I should apologize to You, so I did.  And, how nice that You forgive me for being careless, clumsy, and crabby.  

Soon I heard others talk about You, and I read about You in the Bible.  Jesus coming to our little Earth from Heaven was wonderful.  I would have cried to see Him die, but I would have been jumping up and down to see Him get out of the grave and then go up in the sky to Heaven again.  Every day I read in the Bible some of what He said and what He did. 

You are completely amazing, totally magnificent, greatly to be admired and respected and obeyed.  Wow!  You created all those stars and everything;  You are powerful. 

I see everyday that I should talk to You, own up to my misbehavior and get back on friendly terms with You.  I heard that when I asked You would show me what to do and say, so I would be able to be good.  

Some old people died when I was growing up, and it didn’t make any sense to me, except that they got too old and that was the end of them here.  Later I realized how sad people got when other people died.  I heard that even young people died when their bodies got too sick or too hurt. 

When older people told me about where You live and how You invited people to come there when they die I thought that was the best news ever!  I talked to You then and told You I wanted to be with You forever and ever.  

Little did I know that I would live for this long and have these many days for thinking and learning and doing stuff.  I still love You and admire You!  I still want to come to live with You forever and ever.  I still say I am sorry when I think or do or say something that is not nice. 

It’s been a terrible thing to hear about people who are very, very bad, choosing to do the opposite of helpful and kind ways.  It is shocking to realize that they defy You and hate You.  They will one day stand before Your Throne and get punishment.  When I heard names of some of them I prayed they would change, but they did not choose to listen to You. 

In closing, I wanted to tell You that I am relieved that when I talk to You it is not interrupting something important that You are doing.  It is awesome that You care about every person in the world, and I am amazed that You can hear everyone praying at once.  I am so glad I don’t have to worry about dying because You will take care of me now and then and forever.  I love You, God, and I am so happy to call you my Heavenly Father. 

 Signed, Your Birthday Girl

by Elaine Hardt ©2012