Saturday, April 28, 2012

What Season Is It Now?

Consider where you are right now:
   Life is full of chapters and seasons;
Take a new look at yourself today,
   Picture possibilities and reasons.

Are you in a season of testing?
   Don’t lose hope, you can learn, you can make it through.
Are you in a season of resting?
   Give thanks for a peaceful time that God provides for you.

Are you in a season of correction?
   Take a look at what needs changing, and do it.
Are you in a season of confusion?
   Pray for God’s wisdom, obey Him, you’ll get through it.

Ask for discernment and bravery,
   The Lord will show you what to do, when and how;
Your obedience shows your love for Him.
   Go on by faith and use it now.

Are you smiling or frowning right now?
   Trust the Lord, and let it show on your face.
Life isn’t meant to be lazy and easy;
   Work, and learn, and run Life’s race!

Every season brings a challenge of decisions,
   Salvation, protection, provision we’re all needing;
Your example can be a blessing to someone,
   Respond to the Lord’s love and His leading.

 By Elaine Hardt ©2012