Friday, April 06, 2012

To Easter, or Not to Easter? That Is the Question

Some call it “Easter,” a long tradition of celebrations,
Others chafe at those religious inclinations,
So, what’s a normal person to do?

Shop ‘til you drop, buy the latest fashion and toys?
Or find a quiet backyard place to consider springtime joys?
My friend, the answer’s up to you.

If you meet God and ask Him the questions you mention,
He’d answer your heart so you’d examine your intention,
If you’ll be honest while you see this thing through.

There’s life, a beginning and end for every person you know,
After that, a profound mystery, where did they go?
You don’t want to pretend you knew.

God made the world and He made us; for sure He makes the rules,
If we ignore or reject Him, we label ourselves as fools.
Obviously, we need to know what’s true.

Who else gave His Son to die for our sin?
Who else is absolutely holy, and can cleanse us within?
The God of the Bible, that’s who.

Stay away from wishful illusion and strange delusion
Say goodbye to procrastination and confusion
Receive God’s love and saving grace, too.

Sing a new song of thanksgiving! and joy! and wonderful peace!
Celebrate the freedom of forgiveness and release!
This is God’s invitation to you.

—Elaine Hardt ©2005