Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a Blessing to Have Old Friends

Old Friends are comfortable to be around,
You can sit on their couch, sip coffee or tea;
Have a conversation about anything,
Feel relaxed, appreciated, and free.

No need to impress with the latest info,
No arguing about what’s in the news;
With an understanding of differences
Relaxation is what you can choose.

No apology for crumbs on the table,
No fuss about any dust on the floor,
No showing off, you just be yourself;
Want coffee? just ask for some more.

What’s your take on this issue?
My faith is important to me . . .
What needs to be settled?
From your viewpoint what do you see?

Discuss perplexities, share ideas,
Time to go? Oh, that is too bad;
Do drop in another time soon,
Such a visit you and I have had!

by Elaine Hardt ©2012