Thursday, March 08, 2012

Uncertainties, Troubles, Bad News, etc.

Some uncertainties snuck into my head
As I prepared to climb into my bed:
“What if — how did — and when and where and why?
Shall I get mad — or get even — or cry?”

I knew I needed to chase them away,
So I began to speak out loud and pray,
“Dear Lord, I reject each troublesome thought!”
And here a bedtime battle was fought.

Then God graciously answered my prayer,
He showed me uncertainties need not stay there.

This is why I advise the same to you,
Don’t suffer from the TV news review;
Life’s uncertainties bring you a testing,
Challenge for obeying God, then resting.

Take your concerns to God in prayer right now,
Ask for wisdom and He will show you how;
Expect His blessing in the days ahead,
Now, you’ll get to sleep when you go to bed.

You can respond with confidence, not fear.
The very presence of the LORD is here!

By Elaine Hardt ©2012

See also “Problems, Trouble, Weariness, etc.” posted in blog on July 2006