Friday, March 09, 2012

Can't See God?

We can’t see God, like we see a person,
And you question if He’s there;
It makes a big difference to know,
And does He really care?
Did He fashion a complex universe
Down to the small details we find?
So is He astoundingly powerful?
Can He also be loving and kind?  
From ancient times people have wondered,
And some still bow to statues or tree;
Others frustrated with questions
Exclaim, “I will just wait and see.”
But maybe a flippant attitude
Has temporarily blinded our eyes;
We’ve measured God and values in life
By our own perceived size.
Choice is the gift from our Creator,
He gave complete Free Will to me and you; 
“I choose to believe in the Lord” or 
“I’ll disobey You, because I want to!” 
What notions hinder your yielding
To the reality of a Creator God?
Don’t let life’s entertainment to detract
Or allow confusions to defraud.
Each of us has an appointment with death,
That specified time will someday come,
You want to get right with your Creator now
Before your earthly days are done.
Why not honestly ask God in prayer
If Jesus Christ is the only way?
What joyful relief you will attain
When faith you acknowledge today!
By Elaine Hardt ©2012