Thursday, March 01, 2012

Discovering the New Me

It finally dawned on me that God meant what He said;
   I’ve been called, blessed,
       gifted by His Spirit, given a new life,
          changed and changing, through and through.

I’m not to be average, normal and content,
   passive, set in my ways,
          a friendly person who is self-centered, too.

Forgive me, Lord, for being a spectator in a pew
   when you have something exciting,
      fulfilling, important,
          life-changing for ME to do.

I’ve got all I need, given by grace,
   receiving the full Gospel truth,
      having a teachable spirit, willingness,
          boldness, empowered by faith in You.

It’s not someone else’s job; it’s not just a children’s story.
   Life is to be lived, Spirit-filled, enthusiastically,
      learning to obediently,
          completely trust in You.

By Elaine Hardt ©2001