Saturday, January 14, 2012

3 or 4 Words YOU Could Tell Someone

        Be on the lookout for three or four missing words. They are important to you. They affect your daily life, your job, your social connections, your future success.
        These significant words could bring a smile to someone you know — or even a stranger. A smile might grace your face when you speak the words.
        Assess your possibilities; consider who and when and how. The words? “Thank you for” and “Thank you for the.” And of course, the rest of the sentence is dictated by your circumstances.
        In our busy lives we are too often passive. Or, perhaps we’re just overly busy with a task at hand. Whatever.
        Here, the challenge to you gets even more interesting. Who will you tell it to, first? What specific thing, large or small, or what specific deed will you mention?

        Served up with a small, genuine smile the three or four words could make a big difference to the recipient. Probably no need to go into large detail, either before or after.
         Just picture yourself with an invisible 3 x 5 card in your pocket or purse. For each thank you that you give imagine a check mark appearing automatically on the card. By the end of the next three days how many check marks can you accumulate?
        Even an email to someone is a method of giving credit where it’s due.
        Three or four words lead the way. How simple will it be to remember, “Thank you for the.” As a mother and a grandmother I’d say I’d be proud of you for doing this.
Part Two
        Telling someone “thank you for” or “thank you for the” is an exercise in good manners, according to your mama and your first grade teacher But, if we are going to be honest, each of us must be thankful to God. We certainly owe Him recognition, consideration, and verbalized gratitude.
        Here is your challenge. Spend a few quiet moments and come into agreement with the powerful truth that you and the vast universe have a Creator. From the microscopic to the telescopic — smallest to biggest — it overwhelms the thinking person.
        But does He know? Will He listen to me? Does He care about me? Try it and see.
        Thinking is related to “thanking.” The time to verbalize that “thank you for” is now.
by Elaine Hardt ©2012