Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recipe for Reflections

A Gourmet Masterpiece for Discerning Women

[Note: This recipe calls for one mother and one daughter, but you'll soon see how you can substitute grandmothers and aunts if you can work around possible shortages of time and length of distance.]

Take one curious daughter and one caring mother.
Add equal parts of questions and recollections.
Combine these, being careful not to add too many expectations all at once.

Take time to mix with respect; reflections cannot be hurried.
Some uncomfortable memories may surface in this mixture, but don’t be overly concerned; just keep stirring gently and firmly while standing in the sunlight of God’s love. Deal promptly, yet carefully, with pent-up emotions. The dampness of tears will not spoil this recipe.
Allow time for interest to rise and reflections to develop.
Sprinkle these reflections with wisdom from God’s Word, taking care not to press with undue force upon the tender surfaces.
Given the warmth of close contact and verbal freedom, bonding will occur, resulting in a release of understanding.
Place reflections on a sheet of paper if possible, otherwise just keep reflections in your heart. Take some out from time to time; this helps to keep them warm.
This recipe makes two happy people.
# # #

by Elaine Hardt @ 2006