Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are You Building YOUR Ark?

        Most of us know the Bible story of Noah; how God told him to prepare for coming disaster and how he obeyed. How many people today are “building their ark” for their families?
        Steve jumped into the discussion at Friendship Circle last week. At first, the others frowned, but before he wound up his warnings heads were nodding in agreement.
        “No,” he began. “I’m not just suggesting some symbolism for the sake of hearing my own voice.
God warned those believers in those days, and God is definitely warning believers in these days. We all see a lot of political problems, weather problems, and social problems. It could be that, given some new international disaster and threats of war that our citizens here would clamor for some well-qualified person to step up and temporarily set aside our constitution and laws. He’d be a dictator, but we’d be so glad to welcome him and free ourselves from all these struggles. Big troubles for us after that.”
        “So you’ve bought into this idea of laying up beans and bandaids and bullets. Take cover in the woods, and steer clear of the masses who will stampede in the cities?” asserted Stan.
        “Not exactly. But Noah was obedient to the Lord and he was rewarded. Maybe next week we could take a look at several aspects of the Bible account? “ Steve smiled.
        “Great idea,” announced Bob, the group’s leader. “Assignment for everyone. Reread the story in Genesis 5 to 9, and be prepared to put in your two cents’ worth next week.”
        By Monday night the following week the Friendship Circle members had each read the assignment, and Bob jotted down their input on the whiteboard. Here’s their list:

Noah spoke up to the others who were living contrary to God, Hebrews 11:7, 1 Peter 3:18-20, 2 Peter 2:5
Noah diligently worked hard to build that huge ark, Genesis 6:14-16
Noah listened to God, Genesis 6:13, 18-21.
Noah stored up food for the duration, Genesis 6:21
Noah obeyed as God commanded him, Genesis 6:22 and 8:15-17
Noah was a good example for his family.
God’s blessing at the time of the flood, Genesis 7:1
God’s blessing at the end of the flood, Genesis 9:1-2
God made a covenant with Noah, Genesis 9:8-17

        “Now, what does all of this mean to us?” Bob probed. “Steve, start us off.”

(Here’s their final list by 8:30 p.m. on Monday.)
    We are living in disastrous times with unbelievers coming against believers, the Bible, and our godly heritage.
    It is prudent to prepare for our own physical needs: food and supplies so we can survive a calamity.
    We are to be an example of godly people to the worldly unbelievers. We are to pray for them to repent and turn to God for salvation.
    We are to be open to God’s direction and pray for His wisdom for each particular situation.
    The future is uncertain here, but we have an eternal home in our future! Every one who repents and receives God’s salvation need not fear or dread the troubles here.
    Even as we are delivered from the next disaster we still must hold on to our faith in trust and obedience to God. We will never not need Him.

        So, if you were there for that lively discussion what points would you want to make? What conclusions would you draw for yourself, for your family?
        Can we just shut our eyes to the evening news and pretend God wants us to just ignore what’s going on in the world?
        Would it make a difference in your prayers to God tonight? Would it make a difference in your plans for tomorrow? # # #
by Elaine Hardt ©2011