Tuesday, June 07, 2011

More Than a Suggestion From Me

Don’t plan to be a Christian like me:
I’m sure you see my inadequacy!
My words are sometimes very clumsy;
Don’t stumble because we may disagree.

My example isn’t the best you’ll see,
I haven’t achieved what I should be.
Turn to God and pray with sincerity;
Don’t give up on God because of me.

Go straight to the Bible to see
What God’s Word says to you and me —
What to believe and what to do;
Avoid confusion I may have shown you.

This is not a suggestion to you!
Find out from God what you should do.
His truth we cannot afford to deny,
Each must accept Jesus before we die.

I can’t dictate just what you may need,
Nor can I tell you how to succeed.
God’s love for each person still is true,
Regardless of how it may look to you.

Don’t look to me, look to God above;
Ask Him your questions, give Him your love.
And you could also pray for me
So I could a better encourager be.

All of us face life, death, Eternity,
But surely you’ll choose God’s reality.
Don’t settle for less than what is true;
These words are more than suggestions to you.

By Elaine Hardt ©2011