Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Travel Possibilities?

Carol’s Travel Plans:
My idea of a good time is
getting in a car and driving to explore our great country.
For whatever reasons,
I have defined relaxation as driving
long distances in short segments;
freedom is associated with a steering wheel in my hands
and a new section of America somewhere out past the windshield
where the yellow center line dips over the horizon.

Elaine asks:
Next year can we all go with you,
Linda, Susan, Margie, Alice, and me?
It could be a sisters’ singing group!
I hear us now, “Amazing Grace” can be our intro,
And “How Great Thou Art” a finale.
If not a possibility, can it at least be a dream?

First Stanza by Carol Anderson, photo by Carol Anderson @2011
double click to enlarge Carol's photo from Wyoming
Last Stanza by Elaine