Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Clouds in the Sky Speak to You and Me

Magnificent moods of the clouds in the sky
Alerted my attention when they caught my eye.
“Look up! Look past your familiar place,” I could hear them sing,
“We’ve seen another amazing, earthquaking thing!”

“Was this now or long ago?” I queried one swirling cloud.
It shone from the sunlight, its voice commanding and proud,
“A terrible darkness once hovered over the very place
Where God’s Son died for the sins of the whole human race.

“But Jesus arose, and angels traveled through cloudy skies;
Down on earth, people discovered that He did arise.
And 40 days later Jesus Himself ascended on high,
Gentle clouds applauded across the turquoise sky.

“Yes, our Creator showed amazing grace and love,
So, look up and consider what you can see above.”
Hmmmmm. Passover, Good Friday, Easter, then 40 days . . .
Reasons to acknowledge Him and join to sing Him praise!

“Your day is coming! You’ll soar up through the clouds, reaching higher
To enter Heaven’s gates to the song of the angelic choir!”
Then my thoughts turned to family, friends, especially YOU,
If you accept Jesus as Lord then you’ll be in Heaven, too!

Why neglect to respond and so face judgment’s call?
The invitation to Heaven has been extended to all.
A great climax to history is sooner than it might seem!
Let each cloud in the sky remind you of God’s plan to redeem!

By Elaine Hardt ©2011