Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thinking of Ewe

Sheep do smile when they're happy or chilling out. According to our son Peter, "They're beautiful, gentle animals, unless it's the ram, and then you just have to pay him some respect." He goes on to say they call it "bliss" when they're chewing their cud because it's almost trance-like. "They know their names, like treats, complain if they need something (the only time they're noisy), etc."

Next, Peter makes some interesting comparisons.

"Did I tell you that I was reading in Revelation and the word used there for the 'Lamb of God' is ACTUALLY 'lambkin' - meaning young, small lamb? The size you can hold in your arms.

"It's a deliberate word choice for contrast: innocence and gentleness versus the power and majesty and holiness of Jesus. I think God chose the word 'lambkin' to emphasize his loving, welcoming, joyful nature. We have pictures of FIVE-day-old lambs jumping off our stairs and tearing around the yard! They are delightful, they make me laugh out loud, and they are marvelous as they explore everything around them. I think it's a neat picture of God."

(That's one of Peter's lambs in the photo taken by his wife, Carlene.  They're going to make some of their lamb photos into postcards.)