Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daybreak, and Jesus Was Waiting for Me

Unexpected, Undeserved, Unforgettable:

Dark moments, then dark nights:
All my efforts are not enough,
Then my disappointments and struggles
Receive an unexpected answer.

At daybreak the great truth was revealed;
Jesus is so near, waiting for me,
Calling me to come,
And when I did what He told me . . .
What an undeserved outcome!

My response required both strong effort and time,
But the unforgettable reward came into view as I obeyed.
I needed His presence more than that breakfast,
I needed Him more than the great gift of fish.

In that darkness when I didn’t see him and I went fishing
He knew where I was;
He prepared the meal I needed,
He gave the provision of plenty,
And it blessed my closest friends who were there with me.

Questions became exclamations
At daybreak when Jesus was waiting on the beach,
Waiting for my friends,
Waiting for me.

(Be inspired by John 21 . . . )
By Elaine Hardt ©2010
Photo by Carol Anderson ©2010
(Double click to enlarge this beautiful photograph of Navajo Lake, New Mexico