Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Peek at God's Daily Plan Book

It was early, and the office was quiet. I settled into my chair, and opened my daily appointment and plan book. Nearly every line had a notation, some more urgent than others. Call today! Reschedule Appointment! Write plans! Submit plans!

Yes, there was a 30 minute break, penciled in as “20 minute aerobics in company gym.” Lunch would be at Zombini’s, but there’d be a salesman meeting with me to discuss a new project. Afternoon would be a real killer — a delegation from our southern region factory for “show and tell.” After that, a detailed report for the boss, placed on his desk before leaving for the day.

On the one hand, several of the items positively energized me. I could hardly wait to try my hand with the prototype mechanism dreamed up by the youthful guys and gals in the technology department. And lunch out would be preferable to another tuna sandwich, concocted and refrigerated overnight, resulting in soggy bread.

“God, what a day!” I mumbled.

“What’s that? Are you thanking Me for giving you a new day of life, or are you complaining about Me giving you a new day?”

“Dear Lord, is that You talking to me? Well, yes, I am glad for another try at improving my life. It’s just…..”

“Would you like to see My Daily Plan Book?”


I closed my eyes firmly, and there on the wide screen of my mind up popped a view of God’s Plan Book. There, at the top of the page was my name. MY NAME.

Columns were headed Surprise Blessings, Gentle Reminders, New Lesson, Review of Previous Lesson, Dangers Averted, and Whispers of Love.

“Wow!” was all I could say. My mind was turning cartwheels of joy. It’s true. God has a wonderful day all planned out for me. He is not going to ignore me or run out of blessings to give me. It all looked so neat, so tidy, so planned out.

Yes, I had made some poor choices. Remembering a few particular words brought me a flush of shame. But God had not left me. God allowed the consequences to come, and His Holy Spirit had pointed me back to His Word. With my confession he healed the breach in our friendship.

A few tears cleared my vision as I opened my eyes. Etched into my mind was the day’s Bible verse noted at the bottom of His page: It was Jeremiah 32:41. “Yes, I will rejoice over …(and there was my name written in!)….to do him good, and I will plant him in the land assuredly with My whole heart and with My whole soul.”

I wished I had a small Bible in my briefcase so I could read the verses before and after, but in the evening that’s exactly what I did. Wow! “Gather him….rescue him…cause him to dwell in safety…..he shall be Mine….I will be his God…one heart and one way….so I can fear Him forever.….for my good… everlasting covenant.”

Since then I’ve found 57 instances of the word, “succeed,” “success,” or “prosper” when I made a word search for them in the concordance.

Success in God’s eyes is a world of difference from success in our own eyes.

That one look at God’s Plan Book has made quite a change in my daily routine. And since then, the more we talk— He and I— the better our relationship has grown. It’s not me, saying, “I have my plans, and I want, and I feel, and I think.” I’m letting Him set the agenda, and my life has gotten a lot more exciting.

Success is faith and obedience, with a heart of love. All else is temporary in life. Remember that, and your daily appointment and plan book will look different, too.
by Elaine Hardt ©2001