Thursday, May 07, 2009

Memories Behind, Possibilities Ahead

Mama was a little girl
in a distant time that’s past;
She said she grew up slowly,
but her childhood didn’t last.

When it was my time, it was
another miracle of birth;
God’s plan still continues on
for people here on earth.

He gives us days and months and years
with blessings great and small;
Thinking back we can remember
some things, but not all!

It’s good to have a special day
to turn our thoughts above,
Consider anew life’s memories
and ponder the depth of love.

The older we get, the more
discoveries will come along;
Living shows us we need the Lord,
those challenges can make us strong.

Mothers and fathers go before us
to live their allotted span;
With God’s help we carry on
and say, “Yes, I think I can!”

Trust and obey, remember that song?
We children sang with delight;
Do you recall your mama’s embrace?
And bedtime prayers at night?

Certainly I want to make them proud
as time goes flying by;
Adventures are awaiting me,
“More faith!” becomes my cry.

Thinking ought to lead to questions,
yes, there’s a lot to know;
Thankfully Jesus came to save us,
for the Bible tells us so.

With memories behind,
possibilities ahead,
“Make the most of each day,”
that’s what my mama said.

By Elaine Hardt ©2009