Sunday, May 10, 2009

Curiosity and Honesty

With careful eye and immense curiosity
I looked anew at the world around me;
I am amazed at its complexity,
Great power is evident, obviously.

Enthralled, I stood outside and looked at the skies,
The universe exuded magnificence to my eyes;
This is no mere accident, I honestly realize.
Aloud to Someone I exclaimed my surprise,

“Oh Creator,” I called out to Someone There,
“First, I appreciate this great wonder everywhere;
I’d be untruthful if I said I didn’t care.
To be disrespectful, I wouldn’t dare.”

I paused, uncertain if I should go on to say
Some people here deny our Creator yet today.
Despite study, learning and observation,
Stubborn pride denies God in creation.

“Of course, You’re There and somehow Here,
You would know everything, way far out and near,
My body did not accidentally emerge from slime,
You have a purpose for me to live in time.

Thanks for the greatness of creation you share.”
I do see evidences of one great God everywhere;
I must acknowledge to myself with a deep sigh,
Many people have messed up, I think I know why.

If they’d acknowledge one powerful God as true,
Why He’d expect something back from me and you.
And we couldn’t live in carelessness or sin,
We’d have to own up to needing forgiveness within.

No God, no judge of our behavior?
No rules we have to follow, no need of a savior?
Why, if there WAS a God we couldn’t do what we please,
But since we haven’t seen Him we pretend to be at ease.

What folly to deny what simple facts proclaim,
Jesus called Him, Father in Heaven, by name.
What greater love than to die for our sin?
What stronger response than to invite Him within!

Curiosity shows my willingness to learn,
Honesty means from stubbornness I will turn;
One life to live and then….and then…..and then?
To face my Creator, and I don’t know when!

I discuss this with you, my friend, in all sincerity;
I’ve become a believer, unmistakably.
Now with these thoughts I challenge you,
Look at the Bible, it’s time to decide what’s true.

By Elaine Hardt ©2009

Can you spare 3 minutes? Take a look at Isaiah 40:28, 43:15, 44:24, 45:9, 45:11-12, 51:13, 54:5.