Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When Things Look Bad: Look Up!

What to do when things look bad? How to cope? Succeed?
Lift your eyes to the Lord. He’s definitely the One you need.

Abraham, told to offer up his son, then lifted his eyes to find the ram;
The shepherd, alone seeking, then found the one missing lamb.
Isaiah, after King Uzziah died, looked up and saw God on His throne;
John in exile looked up and saw Jesus; definitely John was not alone!

Naomi in sad goodbyes, looked up to see Ruth would not stay behind;
Joseph looked up from the pit, surely rescue was on his mind.
Daniel, threatened with death, still looked up to God in prayer;
Elisha’s servant saw chariots of fire protecting them there.

Each of these, and many more, found help when things were bad;
Look up to the Lord, may be the best advice we’ve had.
God allows this struggle, these hurdles on the race of life;
We may face misunderstandings, adversity, and strife.

Be honest to God as you repent of your sins and pray,
His blessing might be delayed or may come today.
Surrender pride and confusion and worry and fear!
Look up! God’s loving presence is so very near.

by Elaine Hardt ©2009