Friday, April 10, 2009

Possibly a Day Overlooked

Someone named it Good Friday,
And on some calendars it may appear—
Not a dress-up, party-going day,
Mostly a non-celebration each year.

For God to send His Son to die
Means sin is very bad in His sight,
Means there was no other way
To transform men’s hearts, make it right.

If paying some money would suffice,
Or doing some extraordinary good deed
Jesus would not have had to give His life,
His dying met an inescapable need.

We cannot call Him merely “good” man
When He claimed to be much more;
To be honest, we’d turn to the Bible
And see what prophecies had in store.

Centuries before, it was written
To look for Messiah, who’d come as a man,
God’s grace magnificently revealed
In a mind-boggling, loving plan.

So don’t rush to Easter Day
Without personal contemplation;
Receive forgiveness of your sins,
Make this a time of dedication.

—Elaine Hardt ©2009